Please take some time to read about this campaign by Living Streets to amend the Highway Code so that pedestrians are given priority. These amendments could help to make our roads and zebra crossings safer for us all!

Everyone should be able to cross the road safely. Together with their supporters, Living Streets have campaigned for safer crossings for years.

And they have good news – the proposed changes to the Highway Code say that drivers and cyclists should give way to people waiting to cross a side road junction or at a zebra crossing. Currently pedestrians only have priority once they risk stepping into the road. Support this change now.

We must make sure this important change happens. Thousands of people have already joined the campaign to make sure the Highway Code prioritises pedestrians.

The short survey is just four questions long. And once you have done that, Living Streets will show you how to respond to the Department for Transport’s consultation yourself.


Many supporters don’t feel safe crossing the road. Take Brenda from Enfield, she describes herself as a senior citizen, and says that the message to drivers about right of way is muddled. She says:

“All my life I was told that crossing side roads was priority for pedestrians. This doesn’t seem to be the case now.

“Traffic leaves side streets even when they can see you waiting. They will pull forward so you cannot cross and then I have to wait for ages before they enter the main road.” 

Drivers will now be told, whether they are turning onto or off a main road at a junction, that they should give priority to people crossing or waiting to cross.

This is a big deal. That’s why we need to support the proposed Highway Code review.

Brenda is just one of millions of older people who stand to benefit from the proposals.

Please take a moment to join the campaign using their simple online form.