We hired at stall at Uplands Market to talk to local people about their ideas for improving walkability, cycling and green spaces in Uplands & Brynmill.  Over 50 people joined our mailing list and expressed support for our project, and it was great to hear ideas from lots of people about what would make Uplands nicer for everyone!

Councillor Nick Davies has been a big supporter of Uplands Living Streets since the beginning.  He offered to invite the council’s Highways department to a future meeting to discuss our ideas for Gwydr Square.  As a keen cyclist, he would like to see safer cycling routes between Uplands and the city centre, and around Brynmill.  He said that consultation is ongoing on a number of schemes, including along Walter Road.

Email us to join our mailing list, and we’ll let you know next time we’ll be at Uplands Market.  We have also launched our Instagram page – find us at @Uplandsliving and please give us a follow!