It must be at least 5 years since there was any official sport seen on the bowls green, but how time moves on! The surface at Brynmill Park may not match the legendary greens seen at Wimbledon and Langland golf course, but the fun and enjoyment of the players was evident all the way through the first afternoon session on May 4th.

Yes for the first time ever in Uplands, croquet players have been sighted! The Mumbles bowling Green was recently put in the naughty corner following a year of neglect when the grass gave up the ghost!! So Mumbles Croquet Club has come over Brynmill Park for several weeks, to see how it works for the club.  Our efforts today were well appreciated by some friendly young people who congregated around the bowls pavilion and ensured that a lovely aroma wafted over to us!

if you would like to see how the game is played come over between 2pm and 6pm on Monday or Tuesday and you may even be tempted to step on the green yourself. The person to contact is Richard Wood on 01792 412488 or via email: