New bench for the Uplands Shopping area

We’re really pleased to announce that our local Councillors have agreed to fund a second bench for the Uplands shopping area. This means that in the next few months there will be two new places for people to sit, rest and chat to each other in the heart of Uplands, making our community more people friendly and welcoming.

We already know that as social animals its good for humans to chat to others, and that such interactions are an integral part of maintaining good mental health and general wellbeing. Thanks to the generous donations of local people to our Onwards and Uplands Crowdfund, and now from our local Councillors, we will have more opportunity to slow down and appreciate our lovely Uplands.

You may be interested in this research from Sheffield University on the importance of benches in public spaces:

Updated Highway Code now in effect on Britain’s roads.

You will surely have seen that, as of Saturday (29 January), the updated Highway Code is now in effect on Britain’s roads.

Two things you can do now
Updating the Code is not a silver bullet. We need to ensure all road users understand the changes and abide by them. After all, they make us all safer.

So the first thing you can do is share the Living Streets webpage and their social media posts about the update.

Have Your Say!

If you haven’t had a chance yet to tell us your views about how to make Uplands & Brynmill cleaner, greener and more pedestrian friendly, NOW is the time!

We have 6 suggestions in our Uplands Living Streets manifesto and we want to know which are the top three for Uplands and Brynmill residents. We will then ask our Councillors to adopt the three most popular and work with us to make them happen!

Find our 6 suggestions on this form: Uplands Living Street Manifesto

Please let us know your top three by sending the form back to us at: by Monday 10th January.

Thank you and Nadolig Llawen.