Community Crowdfunding

Community Crowdfunding

Uplands Living Streets is pleased to announce the launch of our community crowdfunding campaign with Crowdfund Swansea, for a project bringing people together for a greener, happier, more friendly and more walkable Uplands!

Over the last few months, we’ve been discussing lots of ideas to improve our local community, including:

  • cleaning up the back lanes,
  • planting wildflowers,
  • turning disused spaces into community gardens,
  • growing herbs and shrubs together,
  • community art and creativity,
  • creating a visual identity for Uplands,
  • reclaiming our pavements,
  • slowing down the traffic,
  • making Uplands more walkable,
  • making Uplands more cyclable,
  • monitoring and improving local air quality,
  • celebrating local history,
  • bringing people together for community activities,
  • and much more!

With the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, Onwards and Uplands, we hope to start bringing these ideas to fruition!  With your support and involvement, our volunteers will create small, beautiful interventions across Uplands and Brynmill to create a sense of pride, community spirit, inclusion and creativity.

From raised beds (planters) to grow herbs and shrubs, to “chatty benches” where people can get to know each other; from community art (inspired by the Keep the Mount Pleasant campaign) to an urban nature trail: let’s come together as neighbours and friends as we emerge from the COVID lockdown, and make sure everyone in Uplands & Brynmill feels welcome, included and appreciated.

We hope you will click here to donate to the crowdfunding campaign.  Plus, there are lots of other ways to help:

  • Volunteer to help with clearing back lanes and creating community gardens
  • Create artworks inspired by Uplands history, community and wildlife
  • Help us out with managing our social media activities
  • Come along to our online meetings to meet people and get involved

Email us to join our mailing list for meeting invitations and updates, or Join Us to be part of the team!

Click here to follow us on Facebook and Instagram – and please share and help us spread the word!

We want to involve everyone in our wonderful Uplands community.  Please share the below image with our Arabic-speaking friends, and let us know if you can help to translate our materials into other local languages!

Community Growing Meeting

Community Growing Meeting

With the current lockdown stretching everyone’s patience, Uplands living Streets is keen to bring together local people who are interested in growing more in their gardens in 2021, or getting involved with community garden and green spaces projects across Uplands & Brynmill. One local resident, Chris Wyatt told us “growing vegetables and flowers has really helped me stay sane during lockdown”.

We’re bringing together those with skills and experience, as well as those with enthusiasm and no experience, on Saturday 27th February, for an online meeting starting a 10.30  All the details can be found on Eventbrite where you can register for free to attend – or contact Jane Tonks on 07804 792011.

Community Newsletter Issue 1

Community Newsletter Issue 1

Don’t miss our community newsletter, keeping everyone up to date on all our activities and ideas!  Please share this with your networks and contact us if you would like to get involved!  You can also email us about anything you think we could include in future issues, or anything green / community / walkability or cycling related that you think fits our mission of making Uplands greener, cleaner, happier, healthier and more walkable!

Click here to open the PDF:  Uplands_Living_Streets_Newsletter_Winter2021

Latest news update from Living Streets

Hope you are all keeping well as different parts of the country move into tier 2 and 3 lockdowns. We will be issuing guidance next week outlining how these new restrictions will affect Group activities. In the meantime, please find below another weekly update – including some invitations to webinars and requests for help on finding case studies.


Date for your diary – Local Groups meet-up – Weds 11 November @ 12.30pm


We will be hosting our next Local Group meet-up on 11 November at 12.30pm. This session will be focused on ‘Effective Campaigning’. We will hear from a few different Groups about the campaigning techniques they have used over the years, so we can learn from each other on   successfully affecting change.

We already have a couple of Groups signed up, but if you would like to showcase a campaign  or have a problem you’d like the group to advise on, please do get in touch. This will be an interactive session so there will be plenty of opportunity throughout to tell us what you’ve been up to.

An invitation will be sent out next week, as well as more details on speakers. I really hope you can make it!


Our New Strategy has Launched!


Living Streets launched its new five-year strategy this week. “Walk With Us” sets out the charity’s goals to 2025, to achieve its vision of a walking nation.

The charity’s mission is to achieve a better walking environment and inspire people to walk more. Local Groups and our members are a big part of achieving our vision.

Three priority areas:

  • People choose walking – walking is at the top of the travel hierarchy for shorter journeys to improve our health and our environment.
  • There are better streets for walking – developing design standards for walking to ensure our streets are fit for all.
  • All walks of life – we want walking to be for everyone, striving for equality and inclusion for our streets, in every UK neighbourhood, city and nation.

You can read our press releasewatch our video and read the full strategy here


Join us for our School Streets Webinar – Thursday 22 September @ 12pm


Our CEO Mary Creagh will be hosting our School Streets Webinar next week. I would really encourage you to come along to this webinar if your Group is interested in securing School Streets or Play Streets in your area. There will be some fab speakers, including:

  • Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales
  • Dafydd Trystan, Chair of the Active Travel Board for Wales
  • Caro Wild, Cardiff Council Cabinet Member for Economy and Transport
  • Sarah Rees, Pregnant then Screwed
  • Chris Thompson, Living Streets School Streets Projects


While it has a Wales focus, the invitation is open to you and your contacts across the UK as there will be plenty of useful learnings to share as we help to get more children walking to school! You can register here:

Request for case studies – low traffic neighbourhoods. Can you help?


We are still looking for good examples of where low traffic neighbourhoods, or any other schemes making space for walking, have been successful.

Have you had a scheme introduced in your area which has worked well, and has been popular with residents? We are keen to collate as many examples as possible to promote the positive benefits of such schemes – so please do get in touch if you have case studies to share.

Last chance to support our Highway Code Campaign!


Highway Code – consultation closes on 27 October

As you’ve probably seen, the Government is planning to update the Highway Code. They are currently running a consultation on the following changes:

  1. Introducing a hierarchy of road users (rule H1) – ensuring that road users who do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose
  2. Clarifying where pedestrians have right of way (rule H2) – drivers should give way to people wanting to cross the side road junction or at a zebra crossing. Currently, they only have priority once they risk stepping out onto the road.
  3. Encouraging safer speeds 

It is important that if you agree with these changes, you fill out the consultation by the 27 October 2020. Rule H2 (specifying that drivers should give way to pedestrians) is particularly important for walking, and we are urging all our supporters to express their support of this new rule. There are two ways we are encouraging supporters to do this:

Step 1 – Adding your voice to Living Streets’ submission to Department for Transport here (takes 10 seconds!)

Step 2 – Once you complete Step 1, you have the option to fill out DfT’s consultation. We have outlined some tips for completing the consultation, so it doesn’t take too long to complete. You have the option to either respond as an individual or as a Group representing a wider group.

We would encourage any Groups that can to respond as a collective with other members of the Group, as this can be a powerful way to get more pedestrians’ voices heard!

Petition in Perth – Keep Hands-Free Crossing


Could you sign this petition? The petition is asking to retain a newly installed hands-free traffic light system in Perth and Kinross and suggests the Council should do some more consultation with residents before removing it. The system was installed to protect pedestrians against the transmission of the Covid19 virus. Link to the petition is here.

Please note, even if you don’t leave in or near Perth, you can still sign this petition. In the wake of Covid19, pedestrians from all over the UK could benefit from more of these crossings.

Talking to Local People at Uplands Market

Talking to Local People at Uplands Market

We hired at stall at Uplands Market to talk to local people about their ideas for improving walkability, cycling and green spaces in Uplands & Brynmill.  Over 50 people joined our mailing list and expressed support for our project, and it was great to hear ideas from lots of people about what would make Uplands nicer for everyone!

Councillor Nick Davies has been a big supporter of Uplands Living Streets since the beginning.  He offered to invite the council’s Highways department to a future meeting to discuss our ideas for Gwydr Square.  As a keen cyclist, he would like to see safer cycling routes between Uplands and the city centre, and around Brynmill.  He said that consultation is ongoing on a number of schemes, including along Walter Road.

Email us to join our mailing list, and we’ll let you know next time we’ll be at Uplands Market.  We have also launched our Instagram page – find us at @Uplandsliving and please give us a follow!

Thoughts on Crossing the Road

Thoughts on Crossing the Road

Strolling through Uplands getting my shopping today, I witnessed an older woman with a walking frame attempting to cross the road at the pelican crossing opposite Sainsbury’s. She moved with determination and some effort, but halfway across, the green person ‘timed out’ and she was left marooned in the middle of the road whilst a stream of cars continued on their busy way turning right and down the hill. 

It took a pedestrian to spot the older woman’s predicament and she stepped into the middle of the road, halting the traffic with her arm outstretched, helping her to safety. 

Despite her valiant efforts, a large four-by -four inched and swerved its way past the two women-the motoring equivalent of saying ‘get out of my way puny humans, I’m in a hurry!’ 

This happened in the same week (though sadly its becoming a daily occurrence) when my partner and I, fairly fit and fast individuals, waited at the zebra crossing on Sketty Road outside the surgery, near the day nursery, whilst a succession of cars sped past, making no attempt at all to stop, or even to acknowledge that they had failed to stop for pedestrians, despite our clear intention to cross the road.

I’d really like to look at these two issues in our Living Streets group; they both illustrate the wider issue of traffic having priority over people.

In other Living Streets groups I know they have campaigned to increase the stop time for cars at pelican crossings. Increasing this time by something like 20-30 seconds makes crossing for the vast majority of people possible. But further than this, we need to reassess the domination of the car in Uplands, slow everything down, narrow lanes, look at shared space options, and so on.

I’d also like to undertake a survey at zebra crossings and find out why it is that motorists no longer observe the old rule that means they must stop for pedestrians—Sketty Road is not the only place where the needs of pedestrians are pushed aside!